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What was the strangest food you ate while traveling?

Poulpitos in Spain.

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Liberty 58

How I got into this adventure. Meeting new people. How it influenced me.
How I come back from this adventure.

Liberty 58

Italy Ancona, Italy  |  Apr 19, 2014
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 The adventure begins !!! My husband of 34 years suddenly leaves me without notice... What am I to do? I cry, scream, get into a depression. Then, I realize I am now free!!! My children are grown up and independant. 

I had always been tempted to teach abroad, but  with a husband  and, later on, kids, it was just a dream. Now I am single at 58...better late than never. I'm in top shape, have 35 years of experience in teaching, why not have my dream come through?

I have received info about my host family. I am sooooo thrilled: I will be with a young couple and a 3-year old girl. Could it get better? Yes! They live in a beautiful region on the Adriatic shore!!!I'll be able to continue my swimming training... in the sea!!!! What a challenge!

The family and I have spoken on Skype. They are so nice!!! I'm sure I will have a great time with them and probably keep them as friends, no matter the age difference.

Since I will be there for 3 months, why not explore around? I have been to Italy 36 years ago, when I finished university. I was with a French friend, traveling around Europe with her mother's car!!! That was luxury! So, because I will have my weekends off, I certainly plan to go back to Venice, maybe more than once??? Rome is my priority, since I never went there. I will leave around June 5-6th to have time to visit Rome before going to Porto Potenza , where my host family lives.

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    karaf has read suzygoudzy's journal and gave it a thumbs up Fri Jul 11, 2014
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    Hello Liberty 58 I loved reading your journal and am wondering how it is all going for you in Italy? I am 56 and married happily but considering doing the same thing in Spain. Please let us know how it has been for you the good, the bad and the ugly. Katraf xx
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