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My Adventures as an Au Pair: a Southern Belle becoming a Madrileña

My entries in this journal will be about the people I meet and the experiences I have while living in Madrid, Spain. Also I will include stories about being an Au Pair.

Una semana interesante

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Feb 10, 2013
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 They like to sing and dance and so do I, so I taught one of the girls the song from Mulan, “Let’s make a man out of you.” 

An Interesting week

The beginning of this week, I went with two girls from school to a Spanish movie theater, Cine Doré. At this theater, they show black and white old movies. This theater was recommended by our teacher, but the only time I could go was to see a movie called “Las ultimas horas.” It was all in Spanish and was a movie about the end of the reign of King Alfonso in the 1930s. I understood the general idea, but didn’t get all the details. I think even if it was in English it wouldn’t have been the most exciting movie, but it was an experience!

At my house, it feels like we are eating something new all the time. On Monday, we ate some type of some bird. I have never eaten any type of bird before, so this was again something new to try! The meat was very tender but since the bird was small, there were a lot of bones to get through. As usual the family looked at me with baited breath as I tried my first bite of the bird. Luckily I have liked everything I have tried so far, or else I feel like I would have offended them if I didn’t. Later in the week, the Dad was explaining how a website, Bonusraslia (a site similar to Groupon) worked and I actually understood, maybe my Spanish is improving after all!

The little boy is becoming cuter and cuter. He always wants to watch the same movies. At first it was “The Three Little Pigs” (tres cerditos) and “Chicken Run” (which he calls “gallinas”). Now he switches back and forth between “Finding Nemo” (buscando a nemo) and “Tarzan 2.” I always have to laugh when we ask him what he wants us to put on and he responds with the same movie over and over again. But he never likes to watch the whole thing, and ends up switching to the other movie. Yesterday, before I went on my run, the little boy asked, “adonde vas?” meaning “where are you going?” and I told him I was going to the park, and then he goes ¿besito? Meaning a little kiss…omg it was so cute that my heart just melted. He finally knows my name now and is always saying something cute or funny. I have to remember him during the cute times so I don’t get as mad during the times when he won’t walk outside and plops on the floor and everyone stares at me and him.

I really enjoy the girls too. They like to sing and dance and so do I, so I taught one of the girls, the song from Mulan, “Let’s make a man out of you.” And now she is constantly singing it and wants to learn more. Since I have an arsenal of Disney songs we could use, I won’t run out of songs while I am here.  Also, I noticed that the older one copies a lot of what I do, especially how I eat certain things or snacks that I have, so I better be careful and watch what I do around her.

I am an introvert and need my alone time. I don’t think the family understands “me” time, but I am going to have to make them! Because I realized that I get very tired working and talking with them and to keep myself healthy and sane, I need to make time for myself which I will try and do more! Yesterday, I went on a short walk around my building and took some pics which I have uploaded. Also, there were 2 guys walking by me who were saying things in English like “hey beautiful” etc. when one of them said, “she’s Spanish” and they continued in English, and all I said was “gracias” in my best Spanish accent and then they were like “oh? I guess she is Spanish”, yep that made me happy #winning!!

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