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Vino, Comida, y mi vida en España

Keeping up with my Spanish Adventures

Beginning of Classes

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Jan 11, 2012
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I now have given 3 days of English lessons to the 2 brothers, and it has actually been a pretty good time. I basically have an hour and a half with each kid. Julio is 11, and has a very good work ethic. Last semester in school he received what I think is the same as an “A” in America. Lessons with him are very easy. We start out by doing his English homework (if he has any) and then reviewing the concepts he learned in school that day, using the lessons from his book. I then find a corresponding lesson online, whether is it through the esl lounge, or just using google. After we finish that, I usually make him teach me the concept to make sure he completely understands. He does this very quickly, and then we just talk for a little. He is very busy with soccer and tennis, so our lessons have been cut short twice, but the day it went the full length, we watched an episode of Modern Family in English. I paused it periodically to go over words he didn’t understand and to ask him questions about the storyline, and he was able to follow the plot very well!

Alfonso is the other kid I am working with. He is 14 and also very smart, but has not been doing quite as well as Julio in school. I do almost the same thing with him and Julio, but lessons with Alfonso are focused a little more on his class work to try to help him out in school. He has done a great job in our classes, and even got a 9.4/10 on his last test in school!  These kids both love the Simpsons and Modern Family, and I have found these shows to be great motivators for them. That’s all for now

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  • Reyes Magos

    January 08, 2012
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  • Beginning of Classes

    January 11, 2012
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