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Preliminary Travel Info

This journal will be information regarding my thoughts, plans, and goals in the months leading up to my departure date.

A brief overview of my travel plans

United States Louisiana, United States  |  Apr 20, 2013
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 At the beginning of June, I am quitting my job of 2.5 years at Louisiana Tech University to do some traveling. 

At the beginning of June, I am quitting my job of 2.5 years at Louisiana Tech University to do some traveling. All plans are not yet finalized, but everything is currently in the works. I’ll be leaving on June 11th for about a month to travel around the eastern U.S. First, I’ll spend a week in Nashville with a friend and attend the Bonnaroo Music Festival. From there I’m flying into Philadelphia to meet a friend and spend the day exploring the city followed by a short drive to Dover Delaware to attend the east coast’s music festival, Firefly. From there, I will most likely spend a week on the beach with a friend in Destin, FL. I should return at the beginning of July just in time to spend some time with friends and family and to celebrate my travels with a “going away” party. In mid July (the date hasn’t been set just yet) I will be leaving the U.S. to live with a host family in Spain for three months. I am participating in the Conversation Corps program. The purpose of my trip is to teach my host family conversational English while immersing myself in the culture and cuisine of Spain. I will return in mid October only to embark on another adventure that hasn’t yet been determined. I do have a few ideas though including a two month stay in South America (potentially Chile, Argentina, Peru, or Ecuador) similar to my stay in Spain or a 6-8 week “tour” (aka road trip) of the west coast via the good ole Camry and I have some time to decide so I’m researching both options, but definitely leaning towards South America. Once I return from Spain in October and before I depart on my undertermined adventure, I will be applying for a paid internship with an event planning company located in Chicago, IL that runs from mid January to the beginning of June. If I get it (fingers crossed), I will temporarily relocate to Chicago until the summer and decide at that point if I want to stay (depending on how much I like the city and how good the job market looks). If I do not get the internship, I will begin looking for jobs in places I’d like to live upon my return around Christmas unless, of course, I’m not out of money and can swing a little more traveling. I’ll update my travel plans as things begin to fall into place.

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    April 20, 2013
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  • A brief overview of my travel plans

    April 20, 2013
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