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lorenalinares Lauren Linares

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Vino, Besos y Mas

Spain is some kind of wonderful and so much more! This is a grammatically incorrect journal of my summer in Madrid

Ciao for Now

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Jul 24, 2011
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Madrid: a little spark of imagination that allows someone to picture what they want, who they want and where they want it. It was the perfect place for me to be right now. Although my imagination may have been steamed by the unbearable heat and my picture will never be complete, the base coat is strong.

I will miss going to the park everyday and sitting under the trees looking over the whole city.

I will miss the amazing coffee machine the Munoz’s have.

I will miss creations inspired by Picasso on every empty wall covering every street.

I will miss how orange is a color found everywhere and not seen as too bright.

I will miss the olives

I will miss watching people try to park on the tiny streets with metal posts everywhere.

I will miss how every policeman in Madrid makes me want to get arrested with their overwhelming attractiveness.

I will miss the really friendly actors from the theatre down my street.

I will miss Mohao

I will miss Chan, the man that owned the Market on my street who every time without fail helped me when I couldn’t bat off aggressive men.

I will miss the 3pm news with Gema everyday.

I will miss the kisses goodnight from Mar and David 

I will miss Juan trying to get me to eat meat everyday

Most of all I will miss the family I shared this experience with because it would not have been the same without them.  They are by far the most loving family I have been adopted into. It was difficult to leave them but I know I will be back. Madrid still has a lot to offer me and I still need to experience so much more so… ciao for now!

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