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What was your most challenging travel experience?

The first few days in a new country are always very challenging as I acclimatise. From jet-lag to culture shock, I'm always worried that I will accidentally offend my hosts or appear ignorant.

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New Summer, New Town

A delightful selection of tidbits from my stay in Jarville-la-Malgrange

Dancing, Challenges, and Literature

France Nancy, France  |  Jun 14, 2011
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 The waitress warned me that most foreigners who order Andouillette are very disappointed. Challenge Accepted. 

On Saturday night, my host mom had a dance recital with the community dance company. She was in 3 numbers. There were also several classes of very young girls performing, and then after the intermission, the ‘big girls’ classes performed. The whole evening almost felt like George School’s Dance Eclectic. It was more about celebrating movement, music, and creativity, than being the Russian Ballet. Every single one of the dancers looked like they were having a wonderful time on stage.

Sunday night, my host mom, my host sister, my host mom’s ‘friend’, and I went to dinner at a restaurant in Place Stanislas. I had no idea what I was looking at on the menu, but I finally honed in on one word that I recognized “Andouillette.” Jackpot! If it’s anything like and Andouille sausage, maybe I’ll like it. The waitress warned me that most foreigners who order Andouillette are very disappointed. Challenge Accepted. It was certainly larger than I expected. I guess Andouille sausages in the US are more compact. The French version is loosely packed in a sausage casing, so at first glance, it looks a little lumpy. The flavor was very rich, but not terrible. I don’t know if I’d order it again, though. After dinner, we walked around Place Stan for a while. It’s absolutely gorgeous at night, when it’s all lit up! I could go to Place Stan every day, and with the proximity of bus stops, I just might!

Today, I found the American Library. It’s a very small collection of books in English, but I was able to find some good ones for my host family to practice with. For my host mom, I found The Very Hungry Catterpillar by Eric Carle. Such a good book! It’s great for learning numbers and a few easy descriptive words. For my host brother, I found Holes by Louis Sachar, and My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett. Hopefully he will find them both as enjoyable as I did.

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  • User Profile Photo
    Arikka wrote: Fri Apr 27, 2012
    Thanks so much, Nancy! I would definitely be required to work more hours as an au pair so that, the child-care and light house work are the main differences. Thanks for your input though, it helps with the decision process about the two programs!

    Au revoir!
  • User Profile Photo
    lburoojy wrote: Thu Apr 26, 2012

    I believe the Au Pair program is a bit different than the Conversation Corps program I participated in. I lived with a host family and tutored them in English for 15 hours each week. The family and I arranged a teaching schedule that worked with their job and school commitments, however, I had no child-care responsibilities. Because most of the family members were at work or school during the day, I spend a lot of time exploring the area where I lived: parks, historical landmarks, museums, shops! I was able to take three weekends while I was there, so I traveled to London, Paris, and Strasbourg. I don't know how flexible the Au Pair schedule is, but I'd suggest letting your host family know in advance if you'd like to take a weekend or two to travel and explore.
  • User Profile Photo
    Arikka wrote: Wed Apr 25, 2012
    Hi there,

    Just trying to get some information about the au pair experience. The end of the week marks the time for Geovisions to find a placement for me and none has been found just yet :/ I was wondering how much free time you have as an au pair. I'd like to do some patisserie research on my own while I'm out there but don't know what my access will be and if I'll have enough time to explore or even intern for a patisserie. Can you share more about what a typical week is like for you?

    Thanks so much!!

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  • Dancing, Challenges, and Literature

    June 14, 2011
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