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Every travel is a once in a lifetime opportunity because if you go again the people, culture, environment, etc may have changed. Don't be afraid to wonder around aimlessly. Thats when the greatest things are found.

  • 24 years old
  • From New Jersey, United States
  • Currently in Madrid, Spain


My adventure in Madrid, Spain during March through May. How I feel, where I go, who I meet, and every little detail in between!

Last 2 Week in Madrid!

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Apr 18, 2012
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 I feel like I have lived life backwards... 

I can not believe that my time here has gone by so fast! I arrived here February 25, and it is already April 18, oh my oh my. My parents are coming to Spain on April 31, so my time left in Madrid is limited! I have so many things on my list to do before I leave! I need to go to the Museo de Reina Sophia, I need to see the giant Egyptian Pyramid that is conveniently located in Madrid (for what reason I do not know...), I need to ride the Teleferico, I need to eat more paella, I need to drink more wine, I need to spend all the money I have left on beautiful Spanish clothes, I need to buy my friends things, I need to decide if I should actually send people the postcards I wrote them or if I am going to be cheap and send them from the States.... So much to do and so little time!

While I shall be reminiscing, talking about my future, and all those wonderful things in this post, I wanted to address something about my children here. After getting into a little spat with my mother I thought I should just tell everyone. I was talking to my mother about being an au pair in Chile (long story), but she quickly says "You can't be an au pair, children hate you." To clear the air, children do not hate me nor do I hate them. Nuria and Maria love me, well Nuria does... I realize that I have only posted about the bad times I have had with the girls, but they really do like me! The good times, aka most of the times, are boring and no one wants to hear about the boring parts of my journey! Homework time can get a bit tense with the girls. They yell at me, I yell at them (louder) and it gets stuff done! Nuria and I rarely argue. If we do it is about turning off the TV or nintendo. I don't like to have to ask her 5 times so I count to 3 (rather loudly) and it gets turned off by 3. Maria on the other hand likes to test me. She has the attention span of a fruit fly, she makes the most gut wrenching faces when I am teaching, and she likes to purposely do what I ask her not to. With Maria, I require a bit more anger and yelling. Then she likes to yell. Then I have to yell louder. Then I have to stick to the threats I yell at her and she ends up in the bathroom for 10 minutes crying. But there are a few things to this... 1) This only happens about 2-3 times a week 2) Ariel, the last language assistant in this house, told me this would happen and that Maria is a handful and doesn't like to listen to anyone and 3)She has an attention span of a fruit fly. About 5 minutes after we just yelled at each other, she loves me again. So what I am trying to say is that Maria and Nuria love me. Maria likes me when I give her food and let her wear my makeup and she always tells me how "mona" I am (cute). Nuria likes me even more. She tells me that when I leave she is going to cry. She likes when I read her the bedtime story, she laughs at my funny accent. She is always hugging me. We cuddle when we watch movies. Basically she likes me. And I love my girls! If they got hit by a car while not listening to me about crossing the street I would be extraordinarily upset! They are a handful, and are the best birth control in the entire world, but I love them! So mom, if you are reading this - I can be an au pair in Chile because children love me and I love them (:

I am done ranting now... and can tell you how excited I am for my last 2 weeks! I am sad to be leaving, but I am excited! My parents are coming and I am so happy to get to show them the place I have called home for the past 2 months. When I was in Ecuador, for that short amount of time, I wanted nothing more than for my parents to come visit me and now they are here! My parents are going to fly to Barcelona, where I am going to meet them. We are going to rent a car and road trip around Spain - Barcelona, Granada, Gibraltar, Morocco, Cadíz, Sevilla, Toledo, and Madrid! Very excited to have a car and the freedom to go where we want, when we want. I am also excited to see my parents!

I am a little scared to go home, not going to lie. Firstly, I feel like I have lived life backwards. I just went to Europe for 3 months and then I am going home to graduate. That just feels a bit backwards to me. I feel like graduating for me is a bit unnecessary and just societies stamp of approval telling me that now I can move forward with my life. I'm not against it! I get to see everyone back home and wear a pretty dress and do my hair all nice and take pictures! I am a little afraid to see everyone though. I just feel like certain people and I will no longer share the same interests, or I won't have patience for people's bullshit anymore. I feel like I have matured on this trip, and I have discovered who I am and what I want to be in life and what I don't want to be around. Bad energy and negativity are two things I am dispelling form my life. I won't be rude, but there are some people I just don't think I will be able to be around happily. Some of my views on the world have changed, and my plans have changed and I don't think I am ready to go back to the judgmental stares that people are bound to give me. The friends you make traveling seem to understand you more than most people, or at least this is true in my case. My friend Tara is awesome here! She understands basically everywhere I am coming from and she helps me see all sides of a situation. I just don't think I am ready to go back to the humdrum everyday life that awaits me in the States. But I will go back to it and embrace it fully. (I miss my DVR....)((.... and hummus....))

Anywho, I am going to be living up my last two weeks here! Tomorrow Tara and I are going to Reina Sofia to see some famous paintings and going to get some crepes! Friday, OH FRIDAY! I have such amazing news(for me, to share with all of you reading this who probably will not care at all...) So in the States there is this thing called Day Glow. It is a giant music festival where they basically throw paint at you. Some of you must be like "How in the world does that sound like a good time?" Well it freaking does! It sounds like a blasty, amazing, freaking awesome, fantastic, any-other-adjective kind of time! There is a concert May 17 in Columbus, Ohio. I get back two days before that and graduate two days after that; not to mention that Columbus is about an 8 hour drive... The chances of me going to that are not looking too hot. BUT OH WAIT THERE IS HOPE! I found out that this Friday at a club in Madrid they are having Paint Glow. Basically the same premise as Day Glow. I AM SO UNBELIEVABLE EXCITED and that is why I am typing in caps!!!! It is going to be crazy, I can tell you that. Then my weekend gets a bit more calm when Marisa, Alex, the girls, and I go to Segovia on Sunday. Then I have another week to fit in all those things I need to do before I leave.

Can't believe the time has gone by so quickly. I am sure going to miss this place, but I haven't left yet (:

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