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  • Biking in the French Countryside


    by: aaron_ellis

    created on: Jun 15, 2012 | Rennes, France

    I guess there isn’t school on Wednesday for the younger students. Random but man I wish we had that in US because Wednesdays are the worst for school! Especially today when it was the first sunny day since I’ve been here. Since Martin and Adrien didn’t have class we went on a bike ride this morning. We went all around these paths so Martin could show me where he fishes and where he …

  • The Beginning


    by: aaron_ellis

    created on: Jun 11, 2012 | Massachusetts, United States

    Straight from college to Paris to Dol-de-Bretagne. Back when I made my plans it seemed like a good idea, but now I’m not so sure. It isn’t homesickness that I am feeling; instead I just want a break. Just a moment of rest and some time to collect my thoughts and have everything together before I jump into this next adventure. It will be worth it I think. As a …

  • Toronto Airport


    by: aaron_ellis

    created on: Jun 11, 2012 | Toronto, Canada

    What are you doing with your life?!?! Everything here is confusing. Why do I leave the airport to go to another gate? Why do you tell me to pick up my bags, the ones that are posted to go to Paris? Why doesn’t the customs girl know the answers to my questions and why does she want to know about every detail of my trip? I don’t know half the answers …

  • Nerves and Jitters


    by: Karenha

    created on: Jun 07, 2012 | California, United States

    T- 10 days until I officially depart from home into a completely new world. My thoughts are scrambled and I am thinking of how surreal everything feels. I have yet to pack, and I feel like my to-do list is never ending. So how did I end up here blogging? Well, who would have thought that a google search for "traveler's money belt" would put me in such a frenzy …

  • Leaving tomorrow!


    by: gellbells

    created on: Jun 04, 2012 | New York, United States

    Tomorrow is the big day! I'm still in shock that I'm going to be in Italy for a little over a month! I've never been to Europe, or anywhere that doesn't use the American dollar, so buying things will definitely be an experience in itself. I don't think I'm going to believe it's actually happening until i'm in the airplane! I can't wait to eat delicious authentic Italian food and see …

  • Learning l'italiano


    by: lindsynichole

    created on: Apr 05, 2012 | Alaska, United States

    Buongiorno! Io capisco un po' l'italiano! Ma io non parlo molto bene l'italiano =(.   Translated: Hello! I understand Italiano a little! But I do not speak Italian very well.   Thank you pimsleur italian cds! =) I'll be fluent before you know it! ;) haha It's exciting to start learning a new language!  Arrivederci! (bye!)

  • Rho Milan!

    journal photo

    by: lindsynichole

    created on: May 26, 2012 | Milan, Italy

    Rho Milan, Italy has been amazing so far! Everything is so beautiful!! I had the most delicious gelato!! I swear I was eating the mangos Jbs mom always get which I love! I could eat gelato alllllll day ;) The architecture is so intrique and beautiful, I'm ready to move here! Ciao =)


    journal photo

    by: lindsynichole

    created on: May 19, 2012 | Alaska, United States

    I'M ABOUT TO LEAVE!!! I can't believe I'l be in Italy for 3 months!!!! =)=)=)=) I will miss all my friends and family!!! Follow my adventure on Facebook and email me!! I'll be sure to stay in contact! =)=)

  • Venice, Burano, and Murano

    journal photo

    by: robinlouisevaughn

    created on: May 16, 2012 | Venice, Italy

    - for additional journal entries and more photos, visit my website -  The last time I was in Venice was during the winter. It was overcast, bone-chillingly cold, and all-together rather dreary. Surprisingly, that doesn’t really diminish the city’s splendor. There’s just something magical about Venice and I think it’s one of the must-see cities in Italy for any first-time traveler. This time the weather wasn’t exactly ideal, but we …

  • 10 days!!


    by: lindsynichole

    created on: May 09, 2012 | Alaska, United States

    I'm so excited to leave in 10 days!!! I will be in Italy for the ENTIRE SUMMER!! I won't be back until August 7th and Jonathan is meeting me July 20th!! I'm very excited to create new memories with Jonathan! xoxo  Getting everything ready to leave has been so overwhelming.  I don't even know where to start? Backpack or suitcase?! Help!!

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