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  • The Republic of Zambia

    journal photo

    by: nikkifindlay

    created on: Aug 23, 2012 | Michigan, United States

    Zambia, the continent’s biggest copper producer, is said to have been peaceful and generally trouble-free, especially compared to most of the eight neighbors with which it shares a border. The area was colonized in the 1800s and ruled by Britain as Northern Rhodesia until 1964, when it made a peaceful transition to independence. According to Lonely Planet, Zambia is a place where one can experience “real” Africa. It’s the “diamond in …

  • 5 Weeks Away

    journal photo

    by: nikkifindlay

    created on: Aug 22, 2012 | Michigan, United States

    Five weeks from today I will be climbing aboard a plane to begin my journey to Africa. It is a bit surreal to think about- it's halfway around the world, and I am not completely sure what I am walking into. I don't feel prepared, but then I don't know that I ever will- and that's what makes it an adventure, right? I am grateful to finally have the time to …

  • Hoy Hoy

    journal photo

    by: Kimsky

    created on: Aug 15, 2012 | Avignon, France

    Hiya, This is my first entry since arriving in Avignon excactly three weeks ago today. I'm not the best blogger, in fact, I do not blog.I will just let my pictures do the talking! All I will say is that it has been fantastic so far and I do not regret for one second doing this programme. My host has been great and I have done so much and have been so …

  • Six weeks on!


    by: Wondergalal

    created on: Aug 08, 2012 | Madrid, Spain

    This has been just like I had hoped! My family are very welcoming and embrace my presence with appreciation. We are settling into a routine now and the thing that changes is the location. We have spent two weeks in the south near Marbella, which has been wonderful as once our basic daily reading and writing are out of the way we are free to swim at the pool or …

  • The beginning


    by: Brookens

    created on: Jul 30, 2012 | Logrono, Spain

    Well, to try and summarize my first month here in Logroño... To begin with, I landed with the bet family in Logroño, for the duration of my studies at La Rioja. They are the kindest, and most generous happy loving family ever, and have helped me beyond measure. I will always be grateful for this family, and my time here with them. Next comes my fellow students and friends from the United …

  • First three weeks in Spain.


    by: Wondergalal

    created on: Jul 21, 2012 | Madrid, Spain

    Leaving home to come to Spain became a little more complicated when my Mother died unexpectedly two weeks before my departure. I was determined to carry on as I know that is what Mum would have wanted, I arrived at the airport in Madrid earlier than scheduled and wondered how I would recognize my new family, as although we had emailed and texted, photos had not been exchanged. I was going …

  • The First Month


    by: jhun318

    created on: Jul 03, 2012 | Bangkok, Thailand

    So I have just wrapped up my first month in Thailand and I can tell from what I have experienced in these first four weeks tells me that this is going to be one of the most amazing years of my life! The journey began when I boarded the plane in Florida and continued 28 hours later when I landed in Bangkok the next day at 11:30 pm (the journey …

  • My arrival


    by: nashburner

    created on: Jun 21, 2012 | Madrid, Spain

    OK, So I arrived on Sunday and it’s now Thursday. I’ve had a few days to get my bearings and start to settle in for life here. At the moment 6 weeks is sounding a very long time! They say it takes a couple of weeks to settle in and I can believe that as it all feels a little alien so far.  My family are lovely, although differences between …

  • Poissons


    by: aaron_ellis

    created on: Jun 19, 2012 | Saint-Malo, France

    Today I went fishing on the ocean with Pierre and grandpa. It was my first time fishing on the ocean and it was about 1000x easier than any other fishing trip I’ve ever done. We literally were pulling fish in 5 at a time until we had 58 fish. 58 mackerel, 12 of which we we had for dinner tonight. There were grilled with seasoning, lemon, onion, and mustard in tinfoil. Fun …

  • My Future as A Writer


    by: aaron_ellis

    created on: Jun 19, 2012 | Saint-Malo, France

    Today I didn’t do much again. I hung out at home with Pierre and most of the day he watched tv. We had out second official english lesson so that was good. I’m pretty sure by the time I leave his parents are going to be just as disappointed in this trip as I was. I think they had high expectations with me coming this summer and I was just …

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