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  • After one month

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    by: suzygoudzy

    created on: Jul 14, 2014 | Ancona, Italy

    I have now been here one month.... What a good idea I had to do this! I was lucky to be sent to a great family who lives on the seashore! it is a rather traditional Italian family : catholic, the family is important, helping others is valued here, the grandparents live with them and help with the child. being so close to the sea, fresh air, nature, really helps me focus …

  • Liberty 58


    by: suzygoudzy

    created on: Apr 19, 2014 | Ancona, Italy

    I had always been tempted to teach abroad, but  with a husband  and, later on, kids, it was just a dream. Now I am single at 58...better late than never. I'm in top shape, have 35 years of experience in teaching, why not have my dream come through? I have received info about my host family. I am sooooo thrilled: I will be with a young couple and a 3-year old …

  • Only a Few days away!


    by: Autumnfan

    created on: Feb 27, 2014 | Vancouver, Canada

           I first decided to go and participate in a Au pair/ Tutoring experience at the beginning of my grade 12 year.  The idea of travelling to a french speaking country and immersing myself in that culture after studying the french language for 13 years seemed like an obvious choice before heading off to post secondary school.           My plan was simple.  Get a job, save …

  • Game Ideas for Teaching

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    by: kaylagregg

    created on: Feb 13, 2014 | Virginia, United States

    Games Simon Says To learn the parts of the body or how to give/follow commands. Scavenger (Treasure) Hunt A student will hide things and then give clues to the other students as to their location. The teacher will plant objects and then gives clues that will lead to a prize. The students are given a list of items to find in a place, a day, a movie, etc. I Spy The teacher or a student will pick an …

  • One Month Away

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    by: kaylagregg

    created on: Jan 30, 2014 | Virginia, United States

    I am going to keep my first entry short and sweet. My name is Kayla. I will be tutoring English in Madrid, starting in March. While I am there, I will be tutoring three boys (11, 12, and 14 years old). I have been exchanging emails with the mother of the boys for about a week. The family and location seem to be ideal and I am getting more excited …

  • One month til showtime


    by: Jaimie_C

    created on: Nov 30, 2013 | Connecticut, United States

    Hello everyone!  My name is Jaimie and I am leaving for the Eternal City in about a month.  I will be staying with a family in the city center and teaching English to their two older children, a boy and a girl ages 9 and 11 years.  I am currently a subsitute teacher at an elementary school in my hometown so I am excited that I will get to work …

  • The Journey Begins "Flying Away From Home"


    by: GinaLCampbell

    created on: Oct 05, 2013 | Shanghai, China

    I could feel my heart racing, my body shaking in ways I've never felt before. When we grow up were all put in situations that make us feel extremely nervous or maybe even anxious depending upon the situation.  All I know is I’ve never been so nervous in my life to the point where I could feel my heart beating through my chest while my body shook uncontrollably.  From the …

  • How I met Sheena

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    by: gottzuky

    created on: Aug 28, 2013 | Brasilia, Brazil

    I met Sheena on the internet. This isn't a typical okcupid, e-harmony,e-match -- type of story.  We aren't dating, if that's what you are thinking. She found me somewhere on the internet. I wrote a blogpost about traveling, she read it, and next thing you know, I receive a message on facebook in regards to teaching in Thailand. I had been in Thailand for a few weeks. I messaged her …

  • Less Than a Week Until Departure

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    by: caseywha

    created on: Aug 09, 2013 | Michigan, United States

    Can hardly believe it, really.  This summer has flown by at a speed that’s never been felt before.  I’m busy wrapping everything up and making sure that I will be prepared for my few months of teaching that lay ahead of me.  This includes: Making a cute passport holder.Finishing all sewing/craft projectsMaking lesson plansPurchasing a scary red grading penAnd so so so much more. I’ve been able to contact my student, Solène. …

  • Conversation CorpsAu Pairs in Italy


    by: amyknill1

    created on: Jul 31, 2013 | Italy

    Some advice for any au pairs/conversation corps people!! I came to Alano di piave, Italy which is a small village in the Province of Belluno. The Geovisions discussion boards didnt really help me meet other au pairs in the area. My host mother, luckily, is one of Geovisions partners so she guided me in the right direction. If you are interested in traveling and meeting other au pairs, there are facebook … is shutting down to focus on other projects. We are no longer accepting new user registrations and will be deleting all user data in about a month. If you would like to download your information, please send a request to