Italy Travel Journals And Articles

  • Conversation CorpsAu Pairs in Italy


    by: amyknill1

    created on: Jul 31, 2013 | Italy

    Some advice for any au pairs/conversation corps people!! I came to Alano di piave, Italy which is a small village in the Province of Belluno. The Geovisions discussion boards didnt really help me meet other au pairs in the area. My host mother, luckily, is one of Geovisions partners so she guided me in the right direction. If you are interested in traveling and meeting other au pairs, there are facebook …

  • Before leaving


    by: rominakarenina

    created on: Apr 03, 2013 | Guadalajara, Mexico

    About a month before leaving for Italy I am starting to feel really nervous. It's the first time I travel by myself with no friends or family whatsoever. This makes me really excited as well. I guess excitement and nervousness are allies. I have learned in my years of travel that you can't expect anything, but I'll take whatever comes! 

  • T-minus 4 Days!


    by: Brodi

    created on: Apr 19, 2012 | London, Canada

    I am only a few days away from leaving! I just got home from school last night, and now the important packing and planning begins! I fly out this monday, I am getting very excited, and I cannot wait until I am on the plane headed to Italia! Hope to be writing more journal entries soon!

  • So You Want to Volunteer Abroad?

    journal photo

    by: robinlouisevaughn

    created on: Feb 09, 2012 | Ancona, Italy

    I recently had someone contact me about volunteering abroad - why I did it, why I chose the organization I did, etc. While writing my response I decided the information could be helpful to others, so I'm publishing it here. Great questions and bravo to you for seeking people out to answer them! I’m from the US, originally from the Seattle area and currently living near Washington DC. Right now …

  • Culture Shock...and How to Deal With It

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    by: robinlouisevaughn

    created on: Feb 08, 2012 | Ancona, Italy

    Living in a foreign country presents a multitude of difficulties. Not only are you forced to operate in a society with differing social mores and cultural values, but unless you’re lucky enough to be fluent you will also face a significant language barrier. When the two of these combine, it can be emotionally exhausting. No matter how open-minded one is, it becomes tiresome to always feel like you are doing the …