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  • pa pan americano

    Travel Journal from Peru Cusco, Peru | Sat Mar 19, 2011

    16/03/11 Hola amigos! Sorry it has been so incredibly long since I have written. I literally have had no time at all. Since we have met last much has happened: Bryce has come, I went to MachuPicchu, I turned 22, I celebrated Mardi Gras in the crazy Latin American Carnival way, I said goodbye to some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met, I’ve met more incredibly amazing people, I’ve …

    Volunteering in Cusco, Peru

  • Superbowl Sunday

    Travel Journal from Peru Lima, Peru | Mon Feb 07, 2011

    Yesterday was awesome. It was superbowl Sunday but we all woke up early to work at the Zoo first. It’s quite a ways away but definitely worth the trek. We got to feed, clean, & nurse the animals. The llama has a huge cut on its back from the male llama and we had to clean out all the maggots and then clean the cut. It took forever and was …

    Geovisions: Lima, Peru

  • Milan Chic

    Travel Journal from Italy Milan, Italy | Sat Jan 29, 2011

    Of all my weeks in Italia, nothing actually prepared me for a culture shock the moment I landed at Milano Central Station.  I know it's an oxymoron statement considering that Milano is afterall in Italia & how can it be so different from the rest of the country.  Facts:  Almost all the richest Italians are basing themselves here.  Milanese are proud & resentful at the same time that it itself …

    Milan Chic

  • Roma Romans

    Travel Journal from Italy Rome, Italy | Wed Jan 26, 2011

    After been here for four days, I have to say that I experienced elements that I witnessed at "Roman Holiday", "La Dolce Vita", "Eat, Pray, Love".  Roma has it all: wild, mad, intoxicating, bolsterous, charming, elegant, cultural, epic, monumental, ancient, historical, progressive, decadent, religious, cheesy & the list continues.  Of all places that I have been, normally, it's easy to stereotype one particular place for there's always something repetitive that …

    All Road Leads To Rome.

  • Watch Out, Jenny Craig!

    Travel Journal from Italy Lucca, Italy | Sat Jan 22, 2011

    Has that ever occurred to anybody out there that upon waking up, and as you look at yourself in the mirror, you look as if you have gained weight or that perhaps, the mirror is of the trick kind in the amusement park where you look elongated or bloated?  My consciousness tried to comfort me that I'm in Italia now and it's given that I will gain weight considering that …

    Watch Out, Jenny Craig!

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    Conversation Programs

    What is the difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner?

    Topic The difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner

    Started by RandyLeGrant, 0 Reply

    GeoVisions has two types of Conversation Programs. They are Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner. What is the difference?

    Basically, Conversation Corps is where you go abroad and live with a family and tutor that family in conversational English. You live with the family and become, for a short time, a member of that family. You eat your meals with the family and do some social activities with them.

    A Conversation Partner is a tutor OUTSIDE and AWAY from the home. You do NOT tutor a family in conversational English, although you may live with a family. You are a conversation partner to a group of people. GeoVisions has Conversation Partners tutoring the Tourist Police in Costa Rica, tour guides in Ecuador and national park staff in Brazil. So you might live with a family as a boarder, but it really isn't going to be a real family feel. You may in fact live in a dorm, a hostel or small hotel. It all depends on the country, the assignment and time of year.

    So choosing Conversation Corps or Conversation Partner involves whether or not you want to become a part of a family and tutor them in conversational English or if you want to be more independent and teach outside your place of accommodation in "on the job" kind of "real life" situations. The choice is totally yours.

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