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  • Looking for a friend!

    Travel Journal from Italy Milan, Italy | Thu Jun 23, 2011

    Hello Fellow Voyagers- I am currently living just outside of Milano.  I am staying with a wonderful family in a small village, Gravellona Toce.  While life is good, I"m hoping to connect with other Americans or persons interested in travel.  If that might be you, please contact me! Ciao! -Molly


  • Umkwali Tented Bush Camp

    Travel Journal from South Africa South Africa | Tue Jun 21, 2011

    My trip to South Africa started with GeoVisions.  I am a single mom who has teenagers almost out of the house – a volunteer project abroad was a great way to travel to another country safely on my own and gave me the chance to meet interesting people from all over the world.  Once I booked with GeoVisions, they connected me to Awesome Travel who handled the 3 day orientation …

    South Africa

  • First week of Summer Camp!

    Travel Journal from Italy Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italy | Thu Jun 16, 2011

    I can not believe the first week is almost over. I should start off by saying the staff of Learn and Play is absolutely phenomenal. I would have never imagined that the staff would be so helpful, supportive and positive. It is truly a wonderful working environment. Essentially we go to “work” everyday and have so much fun; I really do not think you can call it “work.” Prior to the …

    First week of Summer Camp!

  • Dancing, Challenges, and Literature

    Travel Journal from France Nancy, France | Tue Jun 14, 2011

    On Saturday night, my host mom had a dance recital with the community dance company. She was in 3 numbers. There were also several classes of very young girls performing, and then after the intermission, the ‘big girls’ classes performed. The whole evening almost felt like George School’s Dance Eclectic. It was more about celebrating movement, music, and creativity, than being the Russian Ballet. Every …

    New Summer, New Town

  • Hello Buenos Aires

    Travel Journal from Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina | Wed Jun 01, 2011

    **disclaimer: I am not a good writer...so don't expect anything great from these entries** I made it!!! The trip here was OK. Well, the flight crew had bad attitudes, which wasn't pleasant. Also, I was freezing (the little blanket was not enough) and, therefore, couldn't sleep. All that isn't important. I made it. I'm glad to be here...wahoo! I arrived around 9am and was picked up by a man named Fabian. …

    My Argentine Experience

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    Conversation Programs

    What is the difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner?

    Topic The difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner

    Started by RandyLeGrant, 0 Reply

    GeoVisions has two types of Conversation Programs. They are Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner. What is the difference?

    Basically, Conversation Corps is where you go abroad and live with a family and tutor that family in conversational English. You live with the family and become, for a short time, a member of that family. You eat your meals with the family and do some social activities with them.

    A Conversation Partner is a tutor OUTSIDE and AWAY from the home. You do NOT tutor a family in conversational English, although you may live with a family. You are a conversation partner to a group of people. GeoVisions has Conversation Partners tutoring the Tourist Police in Costa Rica, tour guides in Ecuador and national park staff in Brazil. So you might live with a family as a boarder, but it really isn't going to be a real family feel. You may in fact live in a dorm, a hostel or small hotel. It all depends on the country, the assignment and time of year.

    So choosing Conversation Corps or Conversation Partner involves whether or not you want to become a part of a family and tutor them in conversational English or if you want to be more independent and teach outside your place of accommodation in "on the job" kind of "real life" situations. The choice is totally yours.

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