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  • Of plumbing and phones

    Travel Journal from France Vannes, France | Wed Sep 21, 2011

    (First: I am not really in Vannes; where I am - Auray - wasn't in the drop-down box, but Vannes is the closest. I actually went to Vannes yesterday!) 9/21/11 Foreign plumbing. When you think of exploring new lands, you don

    France: 2011Regenerist for the Soul

  • Traveling around France

    Travel Journal from France Bordeaux, France | Thu Sep 22, 2011

    Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anybody is staying around Bordeaux or in the Aquitane region. If you are and you are interested in meeting up and travelling together, send me an email. I would also like to explore other regions of France in the weekends and maybe even visit another country, so if you are someone who is intrested in traveling around then email me, :) hope you all are …

    Traveling in France