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  • Venice, Burano, and Murano

    Travel Journal from Italy Venice, Italy | Wed May 16, 2012

    - for additional journal entries and more photos, visit my website www.abirdinthekitchen.com -  The last time I was in Venice was during the winter. It was overcast, bone-chillingly cold, and all-together rather dreary. Surprisingly, that doesn’t really diminish the city’s splendor. There’s just something magical about Venice and I think it’s one of the must-see cities in Italy for any first-time traveler. This time the weather wasn’t exactly ideal, but we …

    Insegnare in Italia

  • T-minus 4 Days!

    Travel Journal from Canada London, Canada | Thu Apr 19, 2012

    I am only a few days away from leaving! I just got home from school last night, and now the important packing and planning begins! I fly out this monday, I am getting very excited, and I cannot wait until I am on the plane headed to Italia! Hope to be writing more journal entries soon!

    T-minus 4 Days!

  • Last 2 Week in Madrid!

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Wed Apr 18, 2012

    I can not believe that my time here has gone by so fast! I arrived here February 25, and it is already April 18, oh my oh my. My parents are coming to Spain on April 31, so my time left in Madrid is limited! I have so many things on my list to do before I leave! I need to go to the Museo de Reina …


  • First week in Spain.

    Travel Journal from Spain Madrid, Spain | Thu Apr 12, 2012

    I finally got all my documentation in order, flights booked and bags packed, now all I had to do was take those few steps to my isle seat and buckle in. Who knew walking would be so difficult?? I can't describe my nerves! However, I somehow got to that firmiliar seat and got settled in for the long flight.  I touched down just after 10 am on friday the sixth of …

    First journey abroad, in SPAIN!

  • >2months til departure!

    Travel Journal from United States Maine, United States | Fri Mar 30, 2012

    In less than two months I will be leaving for a summer in Britanny, France! I'm not quite sure who I will meet, or what I will find to do there (aside from tutoring three lovely kids), but if you're traveling/have traveled here and want to meet up or throw out some ideas that would be much appreciated.

    Summer in France 2012

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    Conversation Programs

    What is the difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner?

    Topic The difference between Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner

    Started by RandyLeGrant, 0 Reply

    GeoVisions has two types of Conversation Programs. They are Conversation Corps and Conversation Partner. What is the difference?

    Basically, Conversation Corps is where you go abroad and live with a family and tutor that family in conversational English. You live with the family and become, for a short time, a member of that family. You eat your meals with the family and do some social activities with them.

    A Conversation Partner is a tutor OUTSIDE and AWAY from the home. You do NOT tutor a family in conversational English, although you may live with a family. You are a conversation partner to a group of people. GeoVisions has Conversation Partners tutoring the Tourist Police in Costa Rica, tour guides in Ecuador and national park staff in Brazil. So you might live with a family as a boarder, but it really isn't going to be a real family feel. You may in fact live in a dorm, a hostel or small hotel. It all depends on the country, the assignment and time of year.

    So choosing Conversation Corps or Conversation Partner involves whether or not you want to become a part of a family and tutor them in conversational English or if you want to be more independent and teach outside your place of accommodation in "on the job" kind of "real life" situations. The choice is totally yours.

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