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If you could travel to any place in any period in history, where would you go?

Sometime in the 60s when love and peace resonated the world.

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Friends on the road

awesome people i meet on the road :D

How I met Sheena

Brazil Brasilia, Brazil  |  Aug 28, 2013
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 random friendships (at times, most of the times) turn out to be the best kind of friendships. 

I met Sheena on the internet. This isn't a typical okcupid, e-harmony,e-match -- type of story.  We aren't dating, if that's what you are thinking. She found me somewhere on the internet. I wrote a blogpost about traveling, she read it, and next thing you know, I receive a message on facebook in regards to teaching in Thailand. I had been in Thailand for a few weeks. I messaged her back, didn't hear from her ´til late October, and all of the sudden, right when I hit my 20something year old crisis, she messaged me back. We exchanged deep messages. The kind of messages you exchange with your high school best friend. Soul touching messages that make you smile from ear to ear. We knew each other without knowing each other. I know, it sounds weird but these things happen. One thing led to another and guess what? She booked her ticket to Thailand.

We had 2 skype meetings prior to her arrival.  And... on March 28th, after dropping my childhood best friend off the airport, I picked Sheena up. That must've been very terrifying for Sheena. I mean, what if I was some sort of serial killer? Are you really gonna get picked up by a random girl you found on a blog? Are you crazy, Sheena? Of course, she had a million questions. She was scared. I can imagine Sheena asking herself over and over again... what if I don't find herWhat if she is a killer?  The airport is pretty big. And its not like she knew what I looked like.

But see, Sheena had a gut feeling about me. Lucky for everyone, I am not a serial killer.

We found each other at the airport. We met in person. We spent a few days in BKK, we said goodbye to my little studio and off we went to our prospective adventures. She was staying in BKK for 10 days. I was leaving to Hua Hin to start my internship with Xplore Asia. 

Sheena had a plan. Stay in Thailand for 2 months, travel, intern and eventually make her way to Spain.

We spent  the entire month of April in Hua Hin, interning, walking, eating and talking about conquering the world together.

 In the meantime, we were skype- interviewing for two jobs in Valencia. We had little money in the bank but hunger to travel the world. That's all we needed.

That's the thing with life, things don't go accordingly. Sheena fell in love with Thailand, she stayed. She started her own adventure. She taught English to beautiful 4 year olds in a town you would not be able to find on mapquest.

I ended up moving to Madrid.

Sheena calls me on July something -

Carla, I gotta make moves. I gotta get out of here…

She made plenty of moves. On july 30th, I  picked her up from the airport for the second time. This time, however, she knew how I looked like. We spent nearly 20 days together, traveling the south of Spain.

I am off to South America and she is off to Barcelona, starting her new job.

Crazy? very.

There is al lesson to be learned, well several lessons, really.

1. if you don´t have a blog, create one. You will meet people from all over the world.

2. Trust that there are good people out there, people who want you to succeed. People who want to see you happy. people, who like you, want to travel.

3. random friendships (at times, most of the times) turn out to be the best kind of friendships.

4. allow yourself to meet people in non-traditional ways. You will be surprised at what you find :)

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  • How I met Sheena

    August 28, 2013
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