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Posted on Thu Jun 06, 2013

Bonjour! My name is Kayla and I am from the US. I am living as an au pair in Marseille, France from now until late August, so please message me or friend me on Facebook so we can travel together on weekends.

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Posted on Sun Jun 09, 2013

Hi Kayla, I'm an au pair as well until late august, I'm going to be spending about a month and a half in Nîmes which is not to far from marseille so I was seeing if you wanted a travelling partner, I'm pretty much up to travel anywhere so lemme know!

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Posted on Mon Jun 10, 2013

Yes, David! I would love to travel with you on weekends. Get settled and then think about where you want to go. My plans so far: my host family and I are spending nearly all of July in Greece & I hope to go to Paris in August to see my first host family from 2009. Other than that, I'd love to explore anywhere! I don't have a French phone yet, so the best way to contact me is facebook me ("Kayla Grorud")