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Avventura in Italia

A place for family and friends to keep up with my life in Italy for the next 10 weeks.

Getting Ready

United States Washington, United States  |  Feb 10, 2012
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 Three weeks to go!!! 

This trip to Italy is not a sudden decision. This is something I have always planned (in my head) on doing once I retired. And that is why, even before I retired, I took courses in teaching English as a second language. Last winter I drove myself crazy doing an online course in ESL - and now I actually have a certificate...whatever that means. But I do feel qualified and I think this experience will make me more so. I am really looking forward to getting back into a school and working with the students and English teachers there. And of course the icing on the cake will be living with my new family in Italy and not just teaching them, but learning even more from them....about everything. 

I already know I will love them. Their emails to me are so funny and comes through in both the Italian they are writing in (that I desperately try to translate) and in the English translations I have gotten from my contact in Italy, Sara. 

So right now, I am just dealing with lists, lists, lists and trying to get life in order so that being away for 10 weeks will work, the bills will be paid and the house will still be standing when I get home. 

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    robinlouisevaughn wrote: Mon Feb 13, 2012
    There's quite a few of us English speakers in the Montecosaro/Civitanova area right now. Look forward to meeting everyone at some point!

    Hopefully by the time you're traveling all the snow will be gone and passage to the Adriatic Coast will once again be possible.
  • Getting Ready

    February 10, 2012
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