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Back in Italy 2013

I am back for my 2nd tour of duty in Italy.

Montecosaro, 2nd Year

Italy Recanati, Italy  |  Mar 23, 2013
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 Conversation Partner in the Marche region 

Last year I had a wonderful adventure here in the Le Marche area of Italy. I never posted any journal entries, but now I am back for my second year and I thought I would update my journal. I am in the same town, Montecosaro, as last year,  same fantastic family, same school and I have the same wonderful teachers to work with. 

I am in the Conversation Partners program which means that I work 15 hours a week at a local school. I am a retired school librarian and this is such a great "back to school" experience for me. The two teachers of English who I work with are great. Last year  they came up with what has been, for me, a dream schedule. There are 9 classes in the school, what would be 6th-8th grades in the US. I see each class once a week (last year I saw 7th and 8th twice a week and 6th once a week, which filled my 15 hours) We split each class in half and when I am there, the teacher teaches half and I work with the other half on conversation. I come up with activities to get them speaking using the grammar they are working on with their regular teacher. It worked out so well planning the class time this way last year that we're doing it again this year. This year, in addition to the regular classes, I am working with groups of 10-13 two days a week after school. This is an elective program for the students who want to improve their English even more.  Again with these groups I am focusing mainly on conversation because of course, speaking a new language is the most difficult skill to master. 

For anyone who has never travelled to the Marche area, it is a beautiful and undiscovered part of Italy. Basically it's Tuscany on the other side of the Appenines. It is dotted with medieval hill towns as Tuscany is, with the added advantage of being able to see the snow covered Apenines to the west and the peacock blue Adriatic to the east. That is what I see from my bedroom window in my house that is situated inside the walls of this charming tiny hill town. I feel like I am living in a dream every time I look outside. 

The family I live with has three children, 15, 14 and 10 so we are always busy. I am content to just blend in with their family life. I haven't tried to do any weekend travel.  I feel very lucky to say that I am now part of their family and they are part of mine. All 5 of them came to visit me this summer in the US for three weeks - so much fun!

I'll be here until April 26 this year, so if there is anyone in the area who would like to get together maybe we can plan something. Send me an email at

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    NelleG wrote: Mon Apr 15, 2013
    Ciao! I recently returned from 2 months in Marche and now how you feel. I'm already thinking of returning next year. I was in Potenza Picena for one month and then Montelupone for a month, both very close to Montecosaro. My lead teacher, Rosaria, was from Montecosaro. If you see her, please give her a big hug from me.

    I am now a walking advertisement for Marche. You described it perfectly! Bel paese!
  • Montecosaro, 2nd Year

    March 23, 2013
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