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  • From Canada
  • Currently in Spain

Me gusta tu!

My travels to and in Spain - the people I meet, the sights I see, and the lovely experience! :)

I'm going to assume I'm jinxed...

Spain Spain  |  Jul 10, 2013
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 "Yes, the whole world is waiting for Luthbasca". 

 My flight arrived in Barcelona around 9:30am, the exact time my connection flight was scheduled to depart. After asking Air Canada and Iberia desks what to do, and them both informing me that I need to talk to the other for a new ticket, I ended up getting sent to the long Customer Service Luthbasca line-up. After asking a man to confirm I was in the right one, he replied, "Yes, the whole world is waiting for Luthbasca". How comforting. 

 After two hours of waiting and two feet of progress due to people getting impatient and leaving the line, I decided to go try finding my luggage for the second time after my arrival. At first it seemed hopeless, so on two hours of sleep, unhopeful thoughts about not finding my luggage and never wanting to travel again went through my mind. Well this caused a slight crack in my voice and maybe, just maybe, some tear-filled eyes. Luckily, whether the baggage service man is scared of tears or actually pitied me, I had my luggage within 10-15 mins with the explanation that it was "lost in transport".

 A happy camper once again, I went to stand in the dreaded line which had not moved minus or plus a few extra people. Four more hours go by and I meet a nice young couple trying to get back to Toronto after their Barcelona cruise. They taught me a few tricks on how to save money on phone calls and on how to get books on my kobo for free! Gotta love smart, helpful strangers. 

 Soon after I made it to the front of the line and got a new ticket to Madrid and a lunch voucher. After eating and the normal flight procedures, I was on the plane and passed out. Once I had my luggage I got a taxi to the train station where I bought an apparently well-needed over-the-shoulder purse and a train ticket to Cordoba. Jose Francisco (my host father) picked me up and we drove to Palma del Rio to meet the rest of the family!

 The family is very nice, the kids were still up waiting at 12:30 and I was greeted by all with the regular Spanish culture greeting; a kiss on each cheek :) Maite (my host mother) made me and her children, Luis and Lucia, some rice and chicken. Afterwards I was sent to bed, where I began unpacking and setting up my closet before happily passing out.   

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