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Less Than a Week Until Departure

United States Michigan, United States  |  Aug 09, 2013
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Can hardly believe it, really.  This summer has flown by at a speed that’s never been felt before.  I’m busy wrapping everything up and making sure that I will be prepared for my few months of teaching that lay ahead of me.  This includes:

Making a cute passport holder.Finishing all sewing/craft projectsMaking lesson plansPurchasing a scary red grading penAnd so so so much more.

I’ve been able to contact my student, Solène.  She seems to be nice and to really care about her mom.  It’s been decided that I’ll teach three hours a day, Monday through Friday, with the weekends off.  Traveling has been approved.  I will definitely be going to Pierrefonds to see the château where they filmed Merlin!

Felicia, our ex-Swedish-exchange student, is back visiting for the week!  It’s great having her here!

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    July 10, 2013
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  • Less Than a Week Until Departure

    August 09, 2013
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