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Conversation CorpsAu Pairs in Italy

Articles from Italy Italy | Jul 31, 2013

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Some advice for any au pairs/conversation corps people!!

I came to Alano di piave, Italy which is a small village in the Province of Belluno. The Geovisions discussion boards didnt really help me meet other au pairs in the area. My host mother, luckily, is one of Geovisions partners so she guided me in the right direction. If you are interested in traveling and meeting other au pairs, there are facebook groups that are filled with young, free spirited travelers from all over the world. The two groups I was a member of are 1) Au pairs in Italy meetups 2)Au Pair in Italy    

In these groups you can find young au pairs who would like to travel on nights or weekends. Also, if you want to continue your journey, there are many families that post on here looking for au pairs. (Most of the time English native speakers)

Happy traveling!!

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