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Conversation Corps France

This is my first trip to Europe and I'm off to teach a family English. I have my mediocre French skills and some handouts but I'm still nervous for what is to come.


France Saint-Malo, France  |  Jun 19, 2012
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Today I went fishing on the ocean with Pierre and grandpa. It was my first time fishing on the ocean and it was about 1000x easier than any other fishing trip I’ve ever done. We literally were pulling fish in 5 at a time until we had 58 fish. 58 mackerel, 12 of which we we had for dinner tonight. There were grilled with seasoning, lemon, onion, and mustard in tinfoil. Fun fact, in France when they grill, they just use trimmings from their trees, so just left over wood rather than charcoal briquettes. 

We went fishing for about 3 hours today and before that Pierre and I rode around on bikes. It was another day spent mostly just thinking while people talked around me. And even though it is my gut reaction to think that I’m isolating myself, I don’t really know anything about soccer or about any of the people in Dol that they are talking about so it is hard for me to add anything to the majority of conversations that they are having. It’s kind of rough that way.

Tomorrow is Wednesday so no one will have school I’m not sure what we are doing actually. I’m hoping something fun/out of town. I know on Saturday the parents and Pierre are going to the high school that he is going to next year in Rennes. I don’t know if they told me just so I knew or if they want me to come too. I hope I can go because  Martin will be fishing and Adrien will be with is grandma. So it would just be me alone at the house for the entire day. Not fun times.

By the way I forgot to bring my camera today so I don’t have any pictures but there are a whole bunch of really neat sailboat in the bay where the grandpa keeps his. 2 of them make trips to Canada and back and there is one that is an official racing boat for transatlantic travel. There is even a recreation of the boat for the guy who discovered Canada that goes to where he went every year as a sort of travelling history boat. 

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