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Six Plus Two.....

Time is ticking by very fast. I have been here two months and it feels like I have so little time left. Here are some high lights from the past two weeks at the beach.

Six Plus Two....

Spain Estepona, Spain  |  Aug 17, 2012
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 The high light would have to be the two trips I had to the beach near Tarifa, Bolonia. It is wonderful to swim in clear clean water with what appears to be white sand. 

We had spent two weeks at the beach earlier in the month with Maika's brother and his family.  It's amazing when you are on holiday, swimming everyday with trips to the pool and the beach how 8 people can fit into three bedrooms and hardly a problem.  This visit it was a differet brother, his two children and my family of four+one.I felt very guilty having a room all to my self! but the children wanted to be close to their parents and I can understand that. Perhaps it was the snoring that scared them?

The Parque Antena complex is very well equiped for holiday makers.  The pool is huge, in two parts. Plenty of room for playing and for those more serious swimmers.  The beach was close and we got in the routine of breakfast, 3 hours of English practice, swimming pool, lunch, siesta, snack, beach and then park followed by dinner and bed.  Yes they are long days but fun. 

The high light would have to be the two trips I had to the beach near Tarifa, Bolonia.  It is wonderful to swim in clear clean water with what appears to be white sand.  The walk was a little extreme as we had to climb the sand dune... but the swim at the end made it all worth while.

We went to the Funny Beach.... it wasn't funny at all as there were jellyfish there both times!  The children were very frightened of them and panicked when I went for a paddle the first time to excape the heat.  Relief came in the form of a plastic bucket of water being poured over our heads.

Going out in the evening was usually to the park for the children to roller blade, meet their friends or play on the swings.  It usually meant a trip past the kiosk to buy pipas, ice creams or other treats. Some nights we all went to Marbella to look at the old part of the city all alight, with music and enchanting smells.  The great thing about being with a family is they know where to get the best food at the best price and sharing makes it all so much more fun.

On the way back to Madrid we took time out to explore the Alhambra.  I had learned about it in school years ago and I was very happy the family were as excited as I was to visit.  It takes several hours to see it all and listen to the history.  Maika bought a book with the history, legends and facts in it and share this information with the children as we moved from part to part. I was frustrated when my camera battery went flat.... perhaps just as well or how many photos would there be?

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  • Six Plus Two....

    August 17, 2012
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