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Living in southern Iran.

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actions and impressions.

Traveling is not something new to me, but living in a country, with a family I had never meet before arriving, now that's new! This journal will be afew reflections and impressions along the way. Although I have started a comprehensive blog where most of my photos will go, this will be a different focus.about being part of the Conversation Corps,

First three weeks in Spain.

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Jul 21, 2012
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Leaving home to come to Spain became a little more complicated when my Mother died unexpectedly two weeks before my departure. I was determined to carry on as I know that is what Mum would have wanted,

I arrived at the airport in Madrid earlier than scheduled and wondered how I would recognize my new family, as although we had emailed and texted, photos had not been exchanged. I was going to have a longer wait than I exceed, as my bag had been misplaced in London, along with many others from my flight, so there were claims etc to be made.. 

I had planned to buy a new local sim card for my phone once in Spain so contacting Maika just became harder. how ever it was soon sorted, they returned to the airport to collect me and introduce me to my new home for the next three months. 

The time as gone fast! This is a very busy family but we have established a routine for English learning, of 2 hours starting at 10 am  with the two children and the other hour is incidental through the latter part of the day. This may soon become a little more formal. We have been to several swimming complexes, often to the park and some times shopping for special things or visiting relatives. This gives good opportunities for speaking and writing as well as introducing specific topic related vocab.

My Spanish is improving...slowly but finding someone to speak in Eglish, freely and without translating every thing for each sentence can be heaven. 

This weekend I have taken some time to my self and bused to Sergovia. It has been a good experience but some company would have been welcome. However I think it will be the first of many opportunities to explore a little beyond Madrid.

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    Brookens wrote: Mon Jul 30, 2012
    Wow! And I thought my travels were rough! I had a similar travel experience, missed flights, lost baggage, lack of communication, etc, but I did not have grief to deal with along the way. I am cominqg to Madrid tomorrow to meet my family whom I will be au pairing for. I am excited and nervous! Thanks for sharing!
  • First three weeks in Spain.

    July 21, 2012
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