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First journey abroad, in SPAIN!

My first week in Spain.

First week in Spain.

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Apr 12, 2012
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 I have arrived!! pure napping Nicki! the four year old didn't actually record any of it. went in to Boadilla skype my mom for her birthday! 

I finally got all my documentation in order, flights booked and bags packed, now all I had to do was take those few steps to my isle seat and buckle in. Who knew walking would be so difficult?? I can't describe my nerves! However, I somehow got to that firmiliar seat and got settled in for the long flight. 

I touched down just after 10 am on friday the sixth of April. I have arrived!! Grabbed my bags, awkwardly bumped my way around till I recognized a face that matched a picture I had recieved of the family and finally my nerves calmed, at least a little. Lucky for me, my entire family speaks English as well as Spanish so we can easily communicate. 

My first and second day were all pure napping. The weather was cold and rainy and I had never had 8 hour time difference jet lag before. So, nothing to report for those days. Easter Sunday we went to a family get together so all the kids could hunt Easter eggs. The grandmother even made sure to have them put out small Easter baskets for the other Au Pair and me. Oh, and I met Nicki! She's from Holland and actually isn't an Au Pair, she's a tudor. She speaks English very well and she lives two streets from me! It's so nice to know I'll have someone to explore Spain with! We also had a large lunch of Tappas which is many small bite size foods that everyone shares. And I tried caviar for the first time!

Monday was also very low key because they had that day off for the holiday as well. Tuesday we began regular schedule: get kids up and ready to go to school, free time during the day, pick kids up at 4, baths at 7:30, bottle and bed for Marcos, dinner and then my time to journal and go to sleep. We also went to the mall on Monday to get a few things. Once we got home I liked the amount of sunlight so I snapped a photo of Diego and myself. He then grabbed my camera and went inside taking pictures of everything. We even heard him later trying to record a video: "Hola! Mi llamo Diego. Yo vivo en Boadilla. Mi amor mi mama. Mi amore mi papa." We were all laughing so hard in the kitchen, trying to be quiet so he couldn't hear. Unfortunately, and sort of expectantly, the four year old didn't actually record any of it.  :( 

Wednesday Nicki came over and we went in to Boadilla to search out the language school and register and also get me aquainted with the bus schedule. Then we had lunch at a place that translates basically to "100 little sandwiches" which was very much like Tappas as well. Then we walked to the market and I bought some Cheetos to curb my appetite for junk food and caught the bus home just in time to go get the boys. 

Today I started with the regular schedule and then went to my first day of Spanish classes. Unfortunately the rest of the class started in September so I'm in way over my head. However, I was able to pick out a few things here and there that I recognised. Then the rest of the day went as usual and I also got to skype my mom for her birthday!  :) 

I can't believe I've been here just shy of a week. It already seems like much longer. And I won't lie, it's difficult, but I can already tell that at the end of my stay I'll have grown so much! So I accept all the challenges that come with a completely new and extremely different place and move forward with hope that at least it warms up soon!  :D

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    Loved reading this! Enjoy Spain and all it has to offer.
  • First week in Spain.

    April 12, 2012
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