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What was your most challenging travel experience?

Being dropped off in a remote area of Beijing in the dark and in the pouring rain and having no idea how to get back to my hotel.

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Whirlwind Trip To Europe

I'm headed to London, St. Malo and Paris for back-to-back meetings to start 2011 exactly right with our European partners. It will be tiring, but very rewarding.

Mondays Trip From London To Paris

France Paris, France  |  Jan 10, 2011
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 Speeding into the darkness of England, soon to be France, the sun was setting on England and shining on my family's afternoon in the U.S. I thought about how much I love my job and how charmed my life is. How many of us can say that? 

Monday was my last day in London.  I started the day walking up Picadilly to Marks & Spencer to buy a couple of bottles of wine for our lunch meeting.  There is something very civilized about walking 3 blocks at 8:30 a.m. to pick up some wine, then walk back a block to sit in the window the my local Pret and have a croissant  and coffee and then go back and check out of the hotel and taxi to the meeting location.

For people reading this journal I suspect you want some interesting travel bits.  But if you follow GeoVisions and you are British, you want to know the meeting today was all about you.  Our commitment to The Experiment in International Living in the UK is unwavering and we are planning some exciting opportunities for our British tutors and volunteers in 2011 in cooperation with EIL UK.  I met with 2 Trustees and 2 staff and while I cannot make announcements here until the official EIL UK Trustee meeting in 2 weeks time, I can tell you that England...this is your year!

I made my way to the EuroStar and took the 4:02 to Paris.  After all this time it still amazes me how fast that train goes and that I can be in Paris in two and one-half hours.  I uploaded a 30 second video to give you a sense, hopefully, of the speed.

Now...when I got to my hotel, the hotel had changed owners.  On Friday.  More later about my checkin.  Suffice it to say that my taxi driver kept going around in circles knowing he had the correct address, but the name on the hotel was entirely different.  And then me going inside to find out my reservation had been changed, since the owner of the hotel ended on Friday and the new owner started on Saturday.  This was Monday.  At the end of the ordeal (I speak limited French) I did get a room and just decided to unpack, sit back and relax.  I went to bed without dinner and without going out in the neighborhood to get my bearings.  I just needed some alone time in my room and to catch up on emails.

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