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Whirlwind Trip To Europe

I'm headed to London, St. Malo and Paris for back-to-back meetings to start 2011 exactly right with our European partners. It will be tiring, but very rewarding.

Bound For Snow--Last Day In France

France Saint-Malo, France  |  Jan 20, 2011
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 Good food, good meetings, good travel companions, good weather. This was never about traveling towards the destination. It was all about traveling for the journey. 

Well, here I am at the end of the trip.  We had a really good meeting in St. Malo with the CEI staff and then stopped for lunch.  Savory crepes and then desert crepes.  What do you call a person who orders a plate of desert crepes with chocolate, caramel and ice cream?  That would be me.

I fell asleep on the train ride from St. Malo back to Paris.  I walked so many hours the last 24.  Ate a lot of great food.  So I slept and of course slept with my computer open and sitting on my lap.

Ray and I arrived Paris at 6:20 and headed straight for the hotel.  By 7:00 we were in the lobby ready to meet our partner from Germany and another one from France for dinner.  That went well, and I finally made it back to the hotel to pack for the early flight home around midnight.

At 3:00 a.m. I was awaked by Continental Airlines to tell me my flight was moved from 10:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. so I calculated that I could get about 1 hour more sleep.  Then on the way to the airport, in traffic, I received a text from Continental that the flight was now moved to 10:45, which meant my driver had to step on it.  And by the time I rushed and got to the gate, the flight was moved to 11:30.

But the flight back was uneventful and those are the best kind.

I landed at Newark Airport and the further I drove north, the more snow I saw.

In the end, a great trip and good meetings.  Next big trip, Italy and Belgium.  Unless someone else throws something in the mix for February.

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