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Middle East in December

I am the Executive Director at GeoVisions. I'm in Amman, Jordan tonight and will be here through Wednesday. I'm then headed to Damascus and then Beirut to check up on our volunteers and tutors and and visit our projects.

Day 3-Tuesday in Amman

Jordan Amman, Jordan  |  Dec 14, 2010
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  • The meetings and tour of the Theodor Schneller School in East Amman and the results that came out of our time at the orphanage.

  • An invitation to have a drink at the home of Senator Musharbash.

  • Dinner at Hashem and desert at Habeebah.

 Just make certain when you order lamb you are not ordering lamb brains. Still, the food is wonderful. 

And I did eat the lamb brains.  I truly did.  Not all of it, but certainly enough to know I don't really like it.  But as my friend tells me, it isn't that I don't like lamb brains, I just don't appreciate the dish as much as the grilled lamb served at dinner.  Uh huh.  Nice try, Farouk.

Today was the last day of meetings here in Amman.  Tomorrow is a free day and I'm spending it sightseeing.  So I suspect my entry tomorrow will have more photos.

We had a great meeting today with the Founder and Managing Director of Feynan ecolodge.  The link is http://www.feynan.com and you'll see what I mean.  GeoVisions will supply the tutors for staff and guides to learn English.  The lodge is almost 3 hours from Amman but very near Petra and The Dead Sea.

That means out of the last four meetings have come 4 new programs at GeoVisions.  We intend to get those projects on our website as quickly as possible providing 4 unique new programs for potential volunteers to be involved here in the Middle East.

And tonight was about food.  The food here is amazing whether you order it on the street, in small restaurants or for a special occasion in an expensive one.  Mealtime is not merely a biological function, it's an event.  And typically the large meal of the day is lunch.

One of Amman's most famous local foods restaurant is Hashem, located in downtown Amman and you can have a lunch or dinner there for less than 1 JD which is very low compared to other restaurants in Amman. This restaurant is one of the favorites of the Royal family and you will see a lot of photographs of the Royal family of Jordan dining at this restaurant. Nearby, there is Habeebah, which serves traditional east Mediterranean sweets such as baklava, but is most famous for serving a traditional dessert known as knafeh nabelseyyeh in reference to its origin from the Palestinian city of Nables.

I'm uploading 3 photos today...all food!  In the first photo would be the appetizers...this table setting for 3 people and it can take about an hour to consume all of this.  The 2nd photo is dinner consisting of lamb and chicken, bread, peppers, and onions.  The 3rd photo is desert.

More tomorrow from The Dead Sea.  No meetings...just play. 

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