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Double Dutch over here.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Is it all superficial?

At Rome, do what Romans do (?)

Day-trip to Lucca.

Blimey, this is what Geovisions has been doing all along...

Yes, You Can Do Them In One Day!

I Left My Heart at Venezia

Palladio's Enthusiast's Nirvana

Observations about Italy in general

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  • Culture Shock

    Wed Dec 22, 2010

    I know I was in for a treat the moment the plane landed at Borispol Airport in K'yiv.  Passengers around me were clapping rapturously and I was told later by a friend of mine that this etiquette is common in Eastern Europe because the moment you boarded the plane, you wouldn't know for sure if…  Read More

  • BMW Museum, Munich

    Thu Dec 16, 2010

    BMW Museum needs to be seen to be believed.  It really takes suliminial message to the n-th factor.  I was wowed & I am sure that other visitors would have felt the same way snapping their cameras endlessly.  In this instance, the celebrities are the vehicles themselves and we ar…  Read More

  • Bavaria

    Wed Dec 15, 2010

    It has been a fresh change for me, arriving in Munchen with a freezing temperature of minus 20 Celsius.  The invincible public transport of Germany is severely tested.  For the past few days, some trains arrived close to an hour late.  There's nothing to start my travel by visiting t…  Read More

  • California

    Mon Dec 13, 2010

    California for me was always about super-friendly people with sunny disposition, someone like Cameron Diaz.  For many years, I only stopped over at multicultural San Francisco, the fake and washed-out Los Angeles but this trip, I went deeper to Sacramento where I caught a quick glance of the C…  Read More

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