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  • 35 years old
  • From New York, United States
  • Currently in Bernried, Germany

My trip to Germany/ Bavaria

This is where I will attempt to describe my experiences while away doing Conversation Corps. in Germany in October 2012.

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United States New York, United States  |  Aug 28, 2012
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 Still waiting... 

My story is a bit different. I had already booked my flight to Munich about a month before I even knew what GeoVisions was. I have vacation time in October 2012 and I wanted to also celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday abroad. Well I then discovered in May 2012 GeoVisions and was intrigued to say the least at extending my time in Munich. I contacted the website email provided and quickly received a reply. After consideration I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the 3 month Conversation Corps program. I explained I was already going to be in Munich in October so I needed a family then and was told that would not be a program. I paid my initial deposit and didn't correspond with anyone for about a month or two. I started getting nervous in July and contacted Mary Beth who said her partner in Germany could have a possible family for me for October. The only problem is that they had though I was going to be available to teach the day I arrived, but remember I had a vacation planned out since way before I signed up for this. I explained I would be available the third week of October and was so sorry for the confussion. I haven't received a reply yet from Mary Beth but I am hopeful the family will accept my start date as I am very excited to meet them and work with them already. So for now I must wait to hear back from Mary Beth, I am hoping for good news.

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  • Still Waiting...

    August 28, 2012
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