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The Summer of a Lifetime...Life in Spain!

For 5 1/2 weeks, I will be living in Madrid, Spain. I am going to live with a host family and teach the two daughters English. Read my journals to learn about my experiences, the things I'll see, and how my English lessons go! I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity!

The First Few Days...

Spain Madrid, Spain  |  Jun 18, 2013
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 It’s an interesting thing, exploring and traveling by yourself. 

Well, I have been here for five days already, hard to believe! There is so much to see and do here and I am lucky to have this week to explore the city. That itself, is quite the experience! Having never been on a subway or public bus system in the U.S., I got quite a bit of anxiety thinking about how I was going to maneuver it here in this foreign country! My host parents are very helpful, though, and I have successfully rode the metro and the bus (and made it to the correct places!) I got to see Plaza Mayor and all of the stores and historic buildings around there. The streets are very confusing and it is extremely easy to get lost. I did, several times! Yesterday, I saw el Palicio Real, the palace King Fernando and Queen Isabel lived in. Very big, very pretty. It only took me three hours to find it, lost in all those streets!

Today, I went to the Prado Museum. It was really nice and I am glad I saw it. And hey, it pays to have a student I.D. card…it was free when it would have cost me 14 euros! Tomorrow, I am going to a different museum, with more modern art. I also did a little shopping today (my favorite pastime). But after these two days, I can’t even begin to describe how badly my feet and legs hurt. There is so much walking involved, my legs are going to be in the best shape when I return to the U.S.!

My host family is really great. The parents are so nice and accommodating and the girls are just adorable. We go the pool and I have seen where they go to school and I have taken them to the park. They are getting more comfortable around me and using more English, so that’s a good thing! They are finishing up school this week, so we will start more of our lessons and such on Monday.

Spain has a lot in common with the U.S, but a lot of things different, too. For one, the food is way better. I am a picky eater and I’ve liked pretty much everything my host mom has made! The driving around here is a little crazy. I feel like we are going to crash when we are in the left lane, turning right. I don’t understand their rules of the road here, but I’m never going to drive here, so it doesn’t matter! Life is a lot more relaxed, people move more slowly, take their time, and it’s nice to see.  Some of the fashion around here is a little strange for my taste, but people here definitely dress better out in public than people in the U.S. But, I have heard a lot of American songs on the radio and in stores and seen various U.S. products.

It’s an interesting thing, exploring and traveling by yourself. In a way, it’s really nice, because I get to go where I want, stay as long as I want, and do what I want. I don’t have to worry about someone else’s opinion. However, it is kinda lonely. But, I think too often we rely on other people to satisfy us and make us feel happy or content, so I think it is a good thing that I am out exploring by myself, figuring out what I like.

Buttt, my family is going up North this weekend, to a very small village and I am super excited. I have always wanted to see a small Spanish pueblo and now I am going to! We may even go to the beach! So, I’ll end this post here and let you know how my weekend in small-town Spain goes! 

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    Monica wrote: Tue Jun 18, 2013
    I can't wait to hear more!!