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Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Preparing to leave for Thailand.

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

United States Ohio, United States  |  Feb 04, 2013
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 Preparing to leave for Thailand. 

As I prepare to leave in approx 2 months to teach in Thailand, not knowing exactly what I will be getting myself into, I have so many questions.

- Will I able to navigate my way around foreign airport transfers?

- Will I be able to learn the language enough to navigate my way around Thailand?

- Will the students in my class and other teachers in my building accept me or view me as “that foreign teacher”?

- Will I be able to make any “English speaking friends” while in Thailand?

All of these concerns I am hoping I can overcome, once I get over the “wow factor” of being in Thailand.

Besides my parents thinking I am crazy for doing this and my co-workers providing me with horror stories of a place they have never been to before; I am genuinely excited about this opportunity to teach overseas. I look at my life now and wonder what will change, and what will I will miss, or cannot live without and think to myself if hundreds of people already living there can do it, I should be fine.

I currently have my MBA, have been a licensed Realtor for the past 10 years, and really need this experience now, while I am able to do so, before I end up regretting not making this decision later on in life. I am looking forward to meeting other people and experiencing another culture and I truly believe that this experience for me will be “priceless”.

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  • Leaving on a Jet Plane!

    February 04, 2013
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