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Costa Rica Summer 2012

Hello Costa Rica! My documentation of my summer volunteering abroad.

Nerves and Jitters

United States California, United States  |  Jun 06, 2012
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T- 10 days until I officially depart from home into a completely new world. My thoughts are scrambled and I am thinking of how surreal everything feels. I have yet to pack, and I feel like my to-do list is never ending. So how did I end up here blogging? Well, who would have thought that a google search for "traveler's money belt" would put me in such a frenzy and panic about my trip. I guess the paranoia and better side of me is finally catching up and the thought of travelling internationally by myself for the first time has something to do with it!

I'll update more when the time nears, and hopefully my jitters will have subsided :)

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  • Nerves and Jitters

    June 06, 2012
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