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A Home in Rome

I am traveling with Geovisions Conversation Corps to Rome from January - March 2014. Follow my adventures on my second trip to Italy!

One month til showtime

United States Connecticut, United States  |  Nov 30, 2013
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Hello everyone!  My name is Jaimie and I am leaving for the Eternal City in about a month.  I will be staying with a family in the city center and teaching English to their two older children, a boy and a girl ages 9 and 11 years.  I am currently a subsitute teacher at an elementary school in my hometown so I am excited that I will get to work with the same age group when I am in Italy!  This will not be my first time in Italy; I studied abroad in Siena for a semester in 2011.  I traveled to Rome for a long weekend, but it's a huge city and I'm so excited to be able to go back and explore.  My trip with Geovisions will be very different though - much less structured since I won't be taking formal classes or participating in events hosted by my study abroad program this time around.  

At this point, I am dealing with the logistical stuff.  I am about to book my flight, and more importantly, I'm trying to figure out how much English my host family's children actually know!  They go to a bilingual school, but I have no idea what types of teaching materials I should bring.  My host mother has indicated they want more informal lessons, involving conversation and just spending time together, but I am trying to work out if I should bring games, movies, books in English.  

If anyone else will be in Rome (or close by) during Jan-March 2014, please let me know!!  I would love to compare experiences/have a Geovisions friend nearby :)

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  • One month til showtime

    November 30, 2013
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