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Moving to England for a brief period of time

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Walk and Talk in France

This journal will document my travels, experiences, and personal discoveries made while on this trip.

Only a Few days away!

Canada Vancouver, Canada  |  Feb 27, 2014
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 Moving Towards Something Amazing 

       I first decided to go and participate in a Au pair/ Tutoring experience at the beginning of my grade 12 year.  The idea of travelling to a french speaking country and immersing myself in that culture after studying the french language for 13 years seemed like an obvious choice before heading off to post secondary school.   

       My plan was simple.  Get a job, save money and set off on this adventure.  At the time it was all glamorous and exciting but it is only now that I am truly feeling scared.  Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic to go, but leaving my home from which I've lived for almost 19 years now is a big step.  Especially for four months.   That and the fact that I fell in love between the time that I decided to embark on this trip and today.

      Fear has always motivated me to try new things and it always will so I guess I'll just have to get used to this feeling.  I know that once I meet my host family and am actually in France that I will finally be able to accept my absence from Canada and enjoy my stay.  

      I can't help it though if the time leading up to that point is extremely nerve wracking!

      This trip will ultimately change my life and teach me so much.  I can't wait but I will not ignore the inevitability of homesickness.  I did that once before when my mother and I moved to England and in the end my immaturity for not anticipating any hardships was our downfall.

       My flight is on March fourth.  Sometimes I can't even believe that I will be leaving so soon but then I think of it as moving towards something amazing so soon and my nerves are calmed.  I'm so curious to see what the world has in store for me!  


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  • Only a Few days away!

    February 27, 2014
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